Style your Outfit


I love to pair jewelry with my outfits especially earrings but of course, adding the right earrings to your outfit is more important and it’s not difficult to distinguish the right one. Just you need to have a collection of evergreen earrings which can satisfy your style and highlight your outfit. 

So here are we gonna see some delicate earings which can work for your outfit to enhance the style.

*Dot Stud Earrings

You know what it doesn’t just look simple it always goes perfectly with your formal dressing, not only for formals but if you aren’t having any earring which doesn’t match with your any of the outfits then you can undoubtedly try to wear dot earrings. This can be helpful to have a simple, sober, and attractive look. 

*Feather Earrings

I am showing these two pictures where I wore these feather earrings which is always my favorite to add with off-shoulder dresses. Yes, if you want to add earrings for an off-shoulder dress then these earrings will help you to look adorable. In spite of off-shoulder dresses, these earrings can also match with ethnic attire and with deep neck outfits.

*Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings are in different types of shape like in circle, rectangle, square, triangle, hexagon and all those shapes which were in geometry XD , that’s why it is also known as geometric Earings. Hoop Earrings are also designed in the shape of stars, moon, heart etc . We can try this with all casual,formal and festive outfits.


Trust me fellas Jhumka is evergreen. It is basically designed like a bell but now we can see several varieties in jhumkas. Jhumkas are eternal and almost favorite jewelry of Indian women. So of course for traditional and ethnic attire jhumkas are always my first priority among every jewelry.

So here, I tried the jhumka on a boho top and the with an off-shoulder top and it was looking so different and cute. It just depends on how you match it with the outfit like you can wear jhumka on an embroidered jacket as well but it should look quite traditional. Jhumka even look better with crop top-palazzo and also with Baggy Tops or Boho tops.

*Drop Layered Earrings

Drop layered earrings are always trending and always rock in every festive and party look. I am showing the picture of Taylor Swift who wore this square drop earrings on Bloom romper. She is always dazzling with her every outfit and she is spectacular in styling herself and the next pic is of Gigi Hadid who wore this drop layered earring with an asymmetric gown of thigh-high split.

I always prefer to wear layered earrings for gowns and for party wears. Here I am showing that pic also where I wore the silver layered earrings on Button-Front Midi Dress.

And you know what wearing earrings is not just adding style to your outfit, it is also a chronicle cure or healing, especially for the ladies who are struggling with obesity.

*Now what if you love to have multiple ear piercing

Here you can see in pic Kylie Jenner wore a dot/stud earring in her ear lobe and five stud earrings in her helix with each letter of her name.
Like this you can style your multiple ear pierced in your own way by choosing your own design with interest like pearl studs, drop earrings, and hoop earrings as well. But always remember to wear surgical stainless steel earrings which is the best option for new piercings, as this metal is likely to have minimum cause an allergic reaction.

This was all my gyaan Bantu session for today πŸ˜‚.

Hope it was of Help❀️ 

So guys if you like then plz like, share, and comment and let me know that which is your favorite type of earrings.

Rongon River · Trip to Meghalaya

Rongon river

I love rain as much as I hate storms, whenever we discuss or think about rain, we always have a glimpse of Meghalaya in our mind because it is famous for high rainfall and subtropical forest.Β Meghalaya is the Northeastern state of India and Meghalaya is a Sanskrit word that means “the home of clouds“.

Williamnagar, Meghalaya
(PC: Harshit Sky Dey)

The state is in the group of seven sister states of northeast India along with Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur,Β  Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura

Well! If we are discussing on Meghalaya than of course you will find nature’s wonder with a peaceful biodiversity. If you are an aquaphile or rheophilic, like if you love to prefer or live in flowing water or someone who loves swimming then there are many rivers in Meghalaya which consists of two basins namely the left bank of Brahmaputra and Brahmaputra tributaries that flows into Bangladesh. The main river in Meghalaya is the Simsang river also known as Someshwari River one of the major rivers in the entire river system of Meghalaya. The River flows through the heart of the Garo hills, dividing the area into two parts. The river changes its name to Someshwari as it overpasses the borders and streams into Bangladesh. Garo hills district is the state of Meghalaya known as Williamnagar earlier known as Simsanggre.Β 

Rongon river, williamnagar
(PC: Harshit Sky Dey)

From it’s the way the river passes through Rongrengriri, Williamnagar (headquarters of East Garo Hills). There are many spots in Williamnagar where you can find your place of interest. As simsang river flows here the tributary of the simsang known as Rongon River.

Rongon river, Meghalaya
(PC: Harshit Sky Dey)

Rongon is one of the tourist places and it’s a completely natural place. It is the river that flows to Bangladesh. It is better known for swimming and a tourist attraction spot, the localites are too much concern to preserve the nature and they maintain the purity of river from many times so that’s why we can see the river almost crystal clear and the fishes swimming carefree as they never get harmed by the neighboring localites. 

If you are seeking a treehouse that is fully natural and with all green surroundings than you can see so many treehouses over there near the rongon river. 

Treehouse near Rongon river
(PC: Harshit Sky Dey)

Imagine the view like you are living in a treehouse and near your place there is a beautiful crystal clear river flowing over a region through pebbles. 

Ohhh God through this….

I remember a line of Taylor Swift song from love story..”That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles”

Williamnagar, Meghalaya
(PC: Harshit Sky Dey)

Well, I m deliberately waiting for the day when I will be in the treehouse near rongon river and I can feel the real essence of nature and wildlife near rongon river even when I chatted to my friend Harshit who lives in williamnagar, I got to know that Rongon river is a very attractive, extraordinarily beautiful and transparent in real life. You can definitely get a warm and positive vibe while visiting. 

For you to be influenced by my blog it is more important and advisable to come and visit once and corroborate it with your own perspective

Dear reader, you had read and stayed up with till the end. Thank you so much for your support and let me mention your dream place or your views related to this blog in the comment box. ☺️❀️

Style your Outfit


πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘‘πŸ‘œπŸ‘•πŸ’„

You can see fashion, trends and style but I feel it, I feel it!!!!Β 

Here I tried to combine a western look in quite traditional form, just give a look..

Here, I am wearing a ethnic embroidered oversized jacket or Bohemian Embroidery Jacket in multicolor on off shoulder top in grey colour. In bottom I m wearing ragged shorts in navy colour which is folded to give a contrast.

Fashion is something which represents our individuality.

Don’t wear anything just wear something which makes you specific and comfortable.

I will never come up with great and extra words when it comes to fashion, hope you like the attire and if there is any issue or queries than please comment below.

Being Single

Hold her to let her free..

Reality doesn’t impress me, I seek ecstasy and intoxication of myself and that’s why I usually escape from reality to live in a series of thoughts where I manage to distract myself.

I don’t know what is real or fake but having a hold on someone doesn’t highlight love and affection but still, I believe that if I’ll do so then maybe I can prove myself, so I thought to fake it till I make it but I was unable to do so….

Why struggling to give fake love to get fake love?

He had a hold on her..

Now she is feeling freer than ever been..

Stop making her feel like an idiot 

 and she does have a good time 

 a chuckle with all her friends 

 She enable it with learning 

 This is her beginning not her end …….