She came in Autumn with Autumn

After a long time I am sharing my write up with you guys. I wrote it when I was in Kanatal, there were blue mountains, quite blue skies, clouds and blue waterfalls. Just then after reaching our camp when I was getting ready in front of the mirror I saw my brown eyes in the mirror and just connected my whole journey with my brown eyes..

Kantal, Uttrakhand ( View from my Camp)

And so it begins!


Her eyes are brown

Which represents the ground

She always wanted her eyes to be blue 

Like ocean so deep pure and true

But her eyes carries a tint of gold

So rare it must not be true


But now she realised

Just because of her eyes

She can see blue so allure


Now She realised

Just because of her eyes

She can see

In between the wood

In between the hood


She came in Autumn with Autumn

(Ya, She came in Autumn in the month of September with the dried leaves of autumn in her eyes)


Her eyes change with the season

The more darker in night 

And so golden as gold in light


And yes her eyes are brown

Everything which holds nature’s crown

That are buried in the ground


Her eyes doesn’t carry storms

But  carries earthquakes

That  controls mountains to their knees


Her eyes represent fallen leaves

If the world has ever seen


Now when She is rolling her beautiful  brown eyes again.

I am saving it in my google docs. If I get the courage to share it, I’ll definitely share it on my wordpress page..It’s been more than a year. I’m not writing anything because I write for my feelings not for intention.. 

Me in front of the mirror, Just after this click I wrote.


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